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GSoC 2021 - Geetansh Saxena - New Colour Models

Hey everyone! I am Geetansh Saxena, a student at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. I have been selected to work with Colour-Science under the Google Summer of Code program. My task for the summer will be to add some new colour models to the colour library. Here, I will be posting blogs and updates on my work progress throughout the summer.


Hello @Geetansh,

Welcome onboard! Glad to have you joining the team for GSoC!



Week - 1, 2 (First half of the first coding phase)

These two weeks were a period of massive learning about colour science, python, git, and open source in general.

Tasks achieved.
I had two tasks planned for the first phase and one of them was to implement the IHLS color space. The code for this was already implemented in #606. My task was to cherry-pick the commits and correct the code where it was failing. I have cherry picked the commits and almost found the bug in the unit tests. I am redoing some of the tests and will push the changes in a few days. It is by working on this project I learned to use Git and Github to the fullest. Cherry-picking from different forked repo was a new thing to me and I think I managed to do that quite successfully. I can mention the process as a reply to this thread if anyone is interested.

The other task I achieved was implementing a parser for Sekonic and UPRTek CSV files. It is by working on this issue that I learned to write unit tests. I am done with the tests for the UPRTek parser but currently writing (learning to write) tests for Sekonic files.

Future work
There are a few minor code pieces yet to write to close the above pull requests. I am working on that and hopefully, I will close them in a day or two.

In the second half, the plan is to implement the ICaCb colour space. This will be implemented while developing a common base for IPT like spaces.

The first coding phase came up with a lot of challenges and learnings. I spent most of my time studying colour models and how to implement them. I also spent time reading articles about how to write ‘good’ and scalable python code. This phase improved my python and git knowledge a lot. Also made me realize there is a lot yet to learn!

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Week - 3,4 (Second half of first coding phase)

Tasks achieved

The first thing to talk about is the Sekonic and UPRTek parser got implemented and merged yesterday. Hence, colour now supports reading data Sekonic and UPRTek pseudo-XLS/CSV files and generating IESTM2714 SPDX files from them. The PR can be found here.

As mentioned in my previous work update, I planned to work on ICaCb colour space. The PR for ICaCb colour space is open and up for review. After a few reviews and updates, this PR should be ready. The PR can be found here.

Regarding the IHLS colour space update, I had to look for the reasons the tests are failing and fix them. I found the reasons and I am currently waiting for some inputs from my mentor to fix them. The IHLS colour space should be ready after that. The PR can be found here.

Future work

In the coming week, I plan to implement the ProLab colour space. I also plan to add the documentation of Sekonic and UPRTek parsers.

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Work Product

As per the requirements of GSoC program, here is the link to all the work I did during the summer.

Future Work

I am currently working on the ULab colourspace and would continue to contribute to the project by following it up with the Y"u"v" colourspace. And I would love to stick around and contribute even more!

Thanks to @thomas.mansencal and @michael for such an awesome experience. It would have been impossible without your support and mentorship.

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Thanks @Geetansh, it was a great pleasure to have you during this summer!